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Instructional Strategies in Adult Education and Training
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Week 3 - Engagement of Adult Learners
Objectives: • Analyze methods of engaging the adult learner
• Describe the essential components of collaborative learning
• Describe compelling questioning techniques

Reading Assignment:

Chapter 8 & 9 in Models, Strategies, and Methods of Effective Teaching (Lang)

Chapter 7 in Taking Learning to Task: Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults (Vella)

Electronic Reserves Readings for this week.


Individual Project:

  1. Read the Instructional Module/Training Plan template (found on the eResource site)
  2. Complete Part 2, which is due, along with Part 1, in this week.
  3. Complete the Check-in Activity:
    1. Tell me one significant thing you have learned so far in this course, and why you think it's significant.
    2. Tell me one thing that still is unclear in this course.
    3. What questions do you still have?
  4. Check the calendar for due dates



Learning Team:

  1. Begin work on the Best Practices assignment. It is due in Week 4.
  2. Check the calendar for due dates

View the PowerPoint without narration

View the PowerPoint with narration

Discussion Questions:

DQ1 (Answer both)

  1. How could you engage learners in your target audience? Briefly describe your audience and justify your choice.
  2. What kinds of questions could be asked when teaching the instructional module/training plan you are developing for this course?

DQ2 (Pick one of the following to respond to)

  1. What benefits would be offered in an adult learning environment by having the audience engaged in collaborative learning experiences?
  2. How does effective questioning support participant learning?
  3. What are some teaching/training concepts/topics related to your field of study? What are non-examples?
  4. Describe conflict that occurred in a collaborative group in which you were a member. How was the conflict handled? Could it have been handled better? How?

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